Knitting Tip – Starting a project on DPNs

A Knitting Tip from the Sheep

A Knitting Tip from the Sheep

If you have never knit on double-pointed needles (dpns in knitting jargon) don’t be put off at the start.  The first few rows are the most awkward to deal with but once there is a bit of fabric formed it gets a lot easier.  I enjoy knitting on dpns but I definitely don’t want to have to knit those first few rows more than once.

So take a few moments after casting on to check that you don’t twist the work when you bring the two ends together to start knitting.  Line the needles with the stitches distributed as specified in your pattern.

Make sure the ridge that will form the edge of the work follows from one needle to the next is lined up from one needle to the next without a twist.


If you do have a twist in the work you might not realise it for a number of rows – but once you do there is no alternative but to rip the work back and start again.


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