Stash Enhancements from Die Woll-Lust

I said I would show and tell from my visit to Die Woll-Lust on my trip to Berlin.

One of the things I particularly liked about the shop was the way the colours were arranged.  Everywhere I looked there were enticing juxtapositions of colours. I was drawn to these gorgeous hanks of Filace Seta Cash in shades of mauves and greys.


I think those colours just want to be made into a fine striped fabric.  I’m not sure what to make – a lightweight cardigan maybe?  But it will take a lot of knitting in such a fine gauge.  While I think about it I’ll enjoy playing with the skeins, arranging them in different order.


I have a weakness for Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  This yarn, Filace Setmo,  caught my eye as being somewhat similar.  It has a higher proportion of silk (50% silk, 50% mohair compared to KSH’s 30% silk, 70% mohair)  which gives it a little bit more lustre at the core.  Look at that brilliant  scarlet!

There was a lace shawl made of this yarn, Filace Quito,  in a different colour on display in the shop.  It had a lovely handle – soft but with a bit of body to it, as you would expect from a yarn which is 90% alpaca, 10% merino. This is a brilliant blue-green and the yarn just called out “Take me home!”  How could I resist?


It’s not usual for me to buy several yarns at one go – I tend to buy with a project in mind.  But there is something about being on holiday and knowing that I can’t pop back a few weeks later that makes me more susceptible to temptation.


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