“…opposite to her was an old Sheep, sitting in an arm-chair knitting, and every now and then leaving off to look at her through a great pair of spectacles.”

from Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll


This is a blog about knitting, mostly.

The picture of the Sheep in the looking glass fascinated me when I read Lewis Carroll as a child.  The Sheep herself is a bit grumpy but I admired her skill – look at all those needles! How clever is that!  These days I identify with aspects of the Sheep – I can be pretty grumpy myself, and my glasses slide down my nose….  If fact give me a mob cap and we might be sisters.

My Knitting

I like playing with yarn.  I enjoy moderately challenging projects and I like to learn new techniques.  In this blog I’ll share the projects I’m working on and let you know what I think of the yarns, the patterns and the satisfactions – and frustrations – of my knitting life.

Other features are –

A Knitting Tip from the Sheep

A Knitting Tip from the Sheep

Knitting tips I”m not an ‘expert’ knitter but I have picked up a trick or two to share with you.





Knitting in History

Knitting in History

Knitting in History As knitters we are part of a long tradition.  In my Knitting in History features I’ll look at knitting in the pre-Ravelry age.


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  1. I’m trying to find a pattern similar to the one worn by a character (the wench) in an episode of the British TV show, Morse. “The Wench is Dead” is the episode but I can find nothing about the shawl. Its knitted and triangular with a long ruffle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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