A Treat in the Post – Colours of Shetland

Kate Davies writes one of my favourite knitting blogs and when I was reading it recently I saw a mention that stocks of her book Colours of Shetland were getting low. I’ve been meaning to buy it for a while so I was spurred to order a copy.

DSC_0092 1

It arrived this morning and I’m so glad I did. It’s a lovely book and it makes me want to do two things – knit some of the beautiful designs and visit Shetland!

The two are closely connected as Kate’s designs are inspired by the landscape, and seascape, of Shetland and by its heritage traditions.  The ten patterns are more than worth the £14.99 the book costs, but an added pleasure are the stories of Shetland’s history, landscape and natural history that eloquently convey Kate’s love for the islands.

DSC_0093Kate uses Jamieson and Smith’s jumper yarn throughout.  This genuine Shetland yarn  (the company handles 80% of the wool produced on Shetland) is available in over 80 colours.  The company blog is also a mine of information about all things Shetland wooly.